18 Oct 2018

We visit Yamba


We took a drive to Far North NSW and made a stop at the lovely little coastal town of Yamba. Where we meet our stockist Alisha of Willow Botanica…

Equilibrium Candle. Mandarin, Basil & lime

Alisha’s favourite product.

Equilibrium Scented Soy Candle featuring the fragrance of Mandarin, Basil & Lime.
It’s slightly sweet and so fresh. Makes my house smell clean even if it isn’t!!


Urban Rituelle Organic Vegetable Soaps

Best coffee in Yamba?

Drift. They also make amazing cauliflower tacos!



Urban Rituelle in-store at Willow Botanica, Yamba NSW

Alisha’s business journey...

I have been a florist ever since I left school. I purchased my first flower shop when I was 24. I knew nothing about running a business and made a lot of huge mistakes but managed to build the shop from a one woman show to a team of 7.

Most recently, I spent 2 years in Sydney, working for a large flower company in a corporate role. As much as I learnt and experienced, I realised the rush and pressure of city life wasn’t for me. Which brings me to Willow Botanica, the store I have always dreamed of having. I love being in Yamba, in my store, talking to my customers (which fast become friends!!).

Urban Rituelle in-store at Willow Botanica, Yamba NSW


Willow Botanica’s best-selling product...

Flourish Organics Hand Cream     

Urban Rituelle in-store at Willow Botanica, Yamba NSW


Urban Rituelle in-store at Willow Botanica, Yamba NSW


Where will we find Alisha if not in-store?

I love fishing!!
My Dad and I have a permanent 3pm Sunday fishing date :)


Yamba NSW


A must see or do on a visit to Yamba

Walking the length of Pippi Beach to Flat Rock (or all the way to Angourie if you’re up to it). It truly is a magical soul cleansing place.


If you visit the beautiful town of Yamba, be sure to drop in and see Alisha at her beautiful store Willow Botanica. Make sure to mention we sent you!

You can also follow Willow Botanica on instagram: @willow_botanica

02 Oct 2018

A Star is Born! Festive Botanica Behind the Scenes.

To celebrate the launch our latest collection; Festive Botanica, we would like to share a bit of how our collections are born. Many minds, hands & hearts combine to bring an idea to life and create an Urban Rituelle collection. It takes a village, so they say! We love our team and when we put our heads together magic happens.



Festive Botanica Inspo


Inspo, Idea, Name

First we brainstorm ideas. We love Pinterest. It is our fave tool for gathering inspiration. Did we mention how much we love pinterest! Check out Urban Rituelle Pinterest here for your own inspiration.

Some of the things that always inspire us are; art, culture, nature, interiors, wellbeing, love and of course fragrance & the senses. Also, we are proudly Australian made so we wanted to have an Australian feel for this collection. We wanted to create a collection to celebrate the holiday season, referencing Christmas but also to make something beautiful that can be enjoyed for the whole holidays and beyond.

Festive Botanica features organic, natural ingredients & fragrances so we wanted the name to reflect this. We love the name and want to call everything 'botanica' from now on!



Festive Botanica Fragrance


Fragrance, Fragrance, Fragrance

Fragrance is the hero of our products and is something we consider super important. All of our blends are created meticulously with a lot of thought & love.

Based on our research and inspiration for Festive Botanica, we came up with a blend of Australian cypress pine, uplifting orange,
revitalising eucalytpus & earthy cedarwood essential oils to bring comfort &joy to your home. Inspired by the wonderful scent of fresh-cut Christmas trees, an aroma that evokes happy memories of beautifully wrapped presents & joyful days spent celebrating with family & friends.

Once the fragrance is decided, it is formulated into each product with bespoke nourishing and moisturising ingredients put together by us. These are then tested - on us of course! Never on animals.



Festive Botanica Artwork


Sketch, Art, Create

Now the groundwork is done, it's time to make some beautiful art and create the visual story to communicate the idea of the collection. First we begin with rough sketches to plan out how it will all fit together. All of the illustration on Festive Botanica's packaging began as hand painted watercolours. These are then digitised and the whole thing is put together to fit the design and printing process. We choose colours and create the typography. Often we work on multiple ideas which are the edited and sometimes combined to come up with the final look and feel. We always try to make our designs extra special with texture, foils, embossing & other special finishes for a luxe feel.

We like to put a lot of personality in to our designs and this has become a signature for Urban Rituelle since we began way back in 1999.



Festive Botanica Technical


Technical, Artwork, Words for days

Once we are happy with the design, it is time to get to the technical nitty gritty. We make up the artwork to fit the packaging. This is also the time that we write the words that appear on the packaging. This includes descriptions, warnings,ingredients, legal requirements etc. These are added to the artwork and then check and triple checked. No one wants any boo boos right?



Festive Botanica photography


Samples & Photography

Oh how exciting! All the hard work is starting to pay off. Getting the pre-production samples back from the printer results in many oohs and aaghs at Urban Rituelle HQ! These are then triple checked again and any technical issues and tweaks are worked on.

We have to work far ahead of our release date and timing is everything, so this is the stage that we do our first photoshoot featuring the new products. We create moodboards for our photoshoots and put together ideas for the supporting story we want to tell to really showcase our products. We then collect all of our props and then have a massive day putting it all together and shooting the pics that will then appear on our website, catalogue and social media. It's always amazing & exciting seeing the whole story come together.

For Festive Botanica the story is an Australian bush Christmas. We loosely based the look on a tablescape to represent a celebration with family and friends.


Festive Botanica Production


Production, Promotion & Launch

Meanwhile,production is happening! Boxes & labels are being printed. Did you know our production is actually done at our Caringbah warehouse? Candles, lip balms and Fragrance diffusers are lovingly poured and filled by our team, just to name a few.

Festive Botanica Launch

It's launch time! We launch first to our stockists so they can get their stores stocked up and ready for launch. We also load the new collection on our website.



Festive Botanica From Us to You


From Us to You

Finally the day has come! The products become available to you, our beloved customer. This is truly the best part of the whole process. Especially when we receive such positive reviews from the public. This is what makes all of the hard work worthwhile. Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy our newest release; Festive Botanica.


Make sure to keep an eye out for our September launch date! Sign up to our emails & be the first to know when our beautiful new collection hits the shelves.


Preview Festive Botanica here.


02 Oct 2018

Welcome to our green house

The team at UR HQ are happy to say goodbye to winter & give these gorgeous products the green light for Spring!

Discover our freshly picked selection of our favourite candles, and bath & body products all packed with your daily dose of greens!



Scented Offerings


Scented Offerings | Happiness | Lemongrass & Mandarin

Laugh a little louder & smile a little brighter with this sparkling scent of exhilarating lemongrass, juicy mandarin & zesty lime.

Represented by a beautiful soft, pastel green packaging design, what's not to love about this fresh, zingy creation. The perfect way to welcome spring. Inspire your senses & adorn your home in scented ambience with our spellbinding Scented Offerings collection. See it here.



Flourish Organics


Flourish Organics | Lemongrass Aromatherapy Blend

An uplifting blend of lemongrass, lemon myrtle, grapefruit & eucalyptus essential oils.

Formulated with a divine blend of essential oils, to revitalise your home & enliven your mood.
Deep green glassware is definitely a feature and the perfect compliment to such a refreshing fragrance blend. Harnessing the wholesome goodness of Mother Earth, Flourish Organics is an expression of our desire for natural, organic ingredients that deliver beautiful results without compromise. See it here.





Weekender | Country Garden | Pear & Vanilla

A gourmand blend featuring the soothing scents of warm, simmering pear drizzled with sweet vanilla.

Utterly enticing, this mouth watering scent will have you reminiscing of lazy days in cosy cafes & the fragrant gardens of your favourite sleepy village.

A Country Garden inspired deep green packaging design compliments this delicious fragrance. Escape to your favourite weekend hideaway where you can relax, unwind & recharge the soul. The Weekender Collection is a pilgrimage for your senses, capturing that magical place in the heart that rekindles happy memories of carefree days & picture perfect getaways. This is your perfect destination, a place where you can drop out for a while & watch the world go by…. See it here.

These are just a few of our green house inspired top picks. We have plenty of other spring delights for you to enjoy. Check out or faves here.     


28 Aug 2018

Tourists in Toyko

Join us as we explore the city and snow,experience ancient Japanese rituals & hug a hedgehog.

Room with a view, Park Hyatt Tokyo

44th floor across the mega metropolis of Tokyo


Our Japanese distributors, Sanwa Trading

Urban Rituelle's Japanese distributors, Sanwa Trading.

Our partnership spansover 10 years now.



Jack & Marie in Yokohama, Tokyo

Jack & Marie in Yokohama, Tokyo

They bring the surfing & outdoor lifestyle of Byron Bay to the streets of Tokyo. Follow them @jackandmarie_official     
Summer Holiday Hand Cream
Summer Holiday Fragrance Diffuser Set



Franc Franc Department Store, Shinjuku

Our Weekender Collection

Franc Franc Department Store, Shinjuku.
Follow them @francfranc_official

Weekender Alpine Loft Scented Soy Candle
Beach House Cocoa Butter Soap



Scented Offerings Love Hand Cream

Essentials for exploring Tokyo

• subway ticket
Scented Offerings Love Hand Cream

I always carry one of my favourite hand creams with me. The non-spill tubes are perfect for travelling & multi-task as a body moisturiser and hair taming serum!



Tourists in Tokyo

Tourists in Tokyo



The Japanese Ritual of Bathing

The Japanese Ritual of Bathing


Inside a traditional JapaneseOnsen, a steamy bath house, with snow outside.

Beyond cleansing the body, the bath is viewed as a time and place to wash away the cares and worries of the day.

The ritual of bathing is a cherished tradition in Japan. It is akin to a meditative practice - a time to renew, revive, relax and cleanse the soul.

The very hot water in the natural Onsen’s contain healing minerals & come from a natural hot spring well under the ground.



Nozawa Onsen

Nozawa Onsen

A charming village at the bottom of a ski resort.



Tokyo Insider

Tokyo Insider

• You can buy almost anything you need from one of the 1000’s of vending machines: hot coffee, cold beer, t-shirts, noodles & ice cream.
• Catch a bullet train up to the mountains at speeds of 300km/hr.
• Experience Harajuku & it’s one of a kind Harajuku girls.
• You cannot get a bad meal in Toyko, they are not only delicious but so instagram worthy.
• Fit in cuddles with a hedgehog with coffee on the side at a Hedgehog café.
• Experience the rich culture of old temples & Shinto Shrines underneath the ultra-flashy shiny metropolis of modern Tokyo.



22 May 2018

Discover... Sri Lanka. An Island of Magic & Majesty



Take a journey with us to the island of smiles..

Marissa Beach, Sri Lanka

Paradise Found, Mirissa Beach

The perfect breakfast spot to watch the early morning surfers roll in.



The Island of Smiles, Sri Lanka

The Island of Smiles

Sri Lankans are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.



Wellness Cleansing Bar

Washing away the day’s salt & sand

Wellness Cleansing Bar
Lemon Myrtle Lemongrass & Muddled Mint

A 100% natural wholefood blend of coconut & almond oils along with shea & cocoa butter + skin conditioning olive fruit oil & avocado oil for the softest of skin.



Morning rituals, Sri Lanka

Morning Rituals

Don’t miss the Pinnawala elephants washing in their local waterhole in Udawalawe National Park. Magical!



From a bed amongst the palm trees, Sri Lanka

From a bed amongst the palm trees

Sounds of the ocean balanced with local wildlife & tuks tuks..
STAY: Jasper House, Hirekitiya Sri Lanka



Hiriketiya Beach, Sri Lanka

Hiriketiya Beach

The biggest decision is which board to take out..



Equilibrium Hand Cream

Travel Treat

Doubles as a body moisturiser if you need to pack light.

Equilibrium Hand Cream     
Mandarin, Basil & Lime



Hike Little Adams Peak, Sri Lanka


Hike Little Adams Peak

Travel through the countryside by train to Ella for the phenomenal views of tea plantations and spectacular mountain ranges.

It’s only natural I carry Flourish Organics Lip balm with me to keep my lips hydrated & protected.

Flourish Organic Lip Balm     


Experience, Sri Lanka