Why choose Our Candles



Customer safety is our utmost priority

Urban Rituelle is committed to making our candles the safest and most efficient candles on the market. Our Scented Soy Candles are proudly manufactured in our Sydney warehouse using the very latest in premium glassware, wax & wicks. We are dedicated to continuously researching advanced candle manufacturing technology to deliver candles of unparalleled quality, safety and exceptional longevity.

Choice of Wick –

The wick is undoubtedly the single most important component in making a safe and clean burning candle, which is why we use only the highest quality wick available. Urban Rituelle has committed over 1000 hours of candle testing to ensure we have chosen the perfect wick for each of our candles. The choice of the proper wick for a particular candle’s composition will determine the success of the burn pool and ultimately, the customer’s satisfaction & safety.

  • Wick size: Urban Rituelle continuously tests & retests wick size for our candles. The perfect wick will ensure that the flame is neither too big nor too small. Too large a wick will result in “sooting.” Too small a wick will either cause the wick to drown in its wax pool or create “tunneling” and a reduction of burn time.
  • Quality Natural Cotton Braid: Urban Rituelle wicks are made from natural cotton fibre, which is the safest, cleanest burning wick fibre available.
  • High Melt Coating: Urban Rituelle wicks have a specialised coating to ensure they remain upright even if burnt for long periods of time. This is an important safety feature of Urban Rituelle candles and also gives you the very best burn possible.
  • Self Extinguishing Wicks: Urban Rituelle wicks have extra safety features that ensure the wick will self-extinguish 6mm from the bottom of the jar. This prevents the flame burning down to the base of the jar & avoids any possible cracking or breakage of the jar.
  • Self-Trimming Wicks: We have sourced the very latest in wick technology with our new self-trimming wicks. This feature keeps the flame at optimum size for best burn, candle longevity & your safety.


Urban Rituelle prides itself on delivering the highest quality products with superior customer service. We welcome your feedback, questions or comments about any of our products.