Celebrating 20 Years at Sydney Reed Gift Fair

Celebrating 20 Years at Sydney Reed Gift Fair

We’re a brand that do things differently; with amazing products and amazing people we create rituals that make people feel good. This year was no exception at the 2019 Sydney Reed Gift Fair.


2019 is a big year for us at UR. It’s our 20th birthday, so we knew our stand this year needed to be big in beauty, big in new product variety and big in positive atmosphere! The initial idea first started out as a quick sketch during a flight en route to Bangkok, these pencil drawings & measurements were then built to our specs, to become a stand that we were oh-so-proud to call ours. Leanne’s passion for visual merchandising, ensures each collection on display tells an intricate story that underpinned our amazing 20-year creative journey. Combined with the beautiful big kitchen island, bathroom subway tiles, lush green foliage and pendant lighting we aimed to create a welcoming, homey ambience to cement the launch of our brand-new collection.

Urban Rituelle Winner Best Stand Reed Gift Fair

Urban Rituelle Winner Best Stand Reed Gift Fair


Alchemy is defined as the process of taking something ordinary & with the right combination of elements, turning it into something extraordinary.

Alchemy by Urban Rituelle, is a collection of products & fragrances carefully selected by Scott & Leanne to symbolise their business transformation from a small market stall in 1999, to the flourishing & reputable business it is today. In Celebration of our 20 years in business, our latest collection commemorates this exceptional journey.

Drawing from our extensive library of signature scents, our latest collection brings together two complementary fragrance blends combining in such a way to enhance the qualities of each other, as well as working beautifully alone. Both complementary fragrances in the collection have been meticulously blended to stand alone or can be layered together to create a more magical, mystical fragrance. Each fragrance blend was carefully chosen by both Scott & Leanne to represent their preferred fragrance styles.

It was great to hear the amazing feedback from our retailer partners and see the enthusiasm for our latest collection! The new range will be due to hit shelves in April.

Urban Rituelle Alchemy Black Amber
Urban Rituelle Alchemy White Lotus

MEETING OUR LOVELY CUSTOMERS many who we now call friends

One of the things we love most about attending the trade fairs is the chance to meet up with our retail partners. Thank you to our beautiful friends Seaweed and Sand, Willow Botanica, Elements of Design Wauchope, Few and Far, May & Tex, Sissy Mt Eliza and so many others for coming over and having a chat – we love learning about your business & sharing experiences. We also loved meeting all the wonderful new faces at the fair.

Urban Rituelle Winner Best Stand Reed Gift Fair


For the pièce de résistance of our time at the Reed Gift Fair, we won Best Small Stand for the fourth time – yay us!

Urban Rituelle Winner Best Stand Reed Gift Fair

The judges commented:
"Urban Rituelle consistently exuded energy from their Stand setting the scene for an engaging, visually enticing experience. The stand engaged the senses and delivered a lush experience. The attention to detail with fit-out, lighting and service certainly extended the dwell time. A definite showstopper, delivering a very memorable experience!"

Urban Rituelle Winner Best Stand Reed Gift Fair

It gives us great pleasure to see our customers clearly enjoying the Urban Rituelle experience, engaging completely with our team & the beautiful display of products.

We look forward to seeing you all in Melbourne so we can do it all again! Much love,

The UR Team xx

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