Drawing on a rich blend of scents to ignite your mood & illuminate your heart, this luxurious “Scented Offering” is a gift of optimism and thoughtful expression of gratitude.

The inspiration behind the collection is drawn from our desire to create beautiful products that inspire others & give voice to our shared emotions.

Take a look below & see how we created our latest collection.

What’s behind the name?

Gratitude is the one emotion I purposefully focus on each day, to acknowledge all the good in my life. It’s the quality of being thankful, to show appreciation for & to return kindness. It’s one of my favourite sentiments & I talk about being grateful, all the time.

We wanted to re-release the sentiment of Gratitude to our ‘Scented Offerings’ collection with a new fragrance blend & colour that was contemporary, fresh and would invigorate the senses. A perfect way to kick-start 2021.

I have selected sunflower yellow for the colour of our Gratitude collection, a colour that symbolizes hope, positivity & joy. Yellow is associated with smiles, sunflowers, sunshine & its life-giving warmth.


And what about the fragrance?

Fragrance is the hero of our products and is crucial to all new product development. Our original fragrance blends are meticulously crafted by our master perfumer, to meet our product brief & then rigorously tested by our team, friends & family.

Luckily, we also have an extensive library of fan-favourite scents, just waiting for their moment to shine again! There was a lot of love for one of our previous blends ‘White Musk & Lotus’ & we had been waiting for the right time to re-release this fragrance. We had many requests to bring it back & we felt that it was the perfect fragrance match for Gratitude. It’s a delicate aquatic scent that performs beautifully in our hand cream, candles & fragrant diffusers. It’s loved by all, so we knew it would be a winning fragrance.

Sketch, art, create

Once we’ve chosen a fragrance its time to compose a visual story to communicate the idea behind the collection. We do this by creating a Pinterest mood board and narrow those ideas down into a concept that makes our heart sing. For the re-release of Gratitude, I wanted the packaging to convey hope, optimism & positivity. What better colour to represent that than yellow.

We chose a soft golden yellow that would sit beautifully alongside the packaging of our other fragrance blends in the “Scented Offerings’ collection, and added some extra special design features with foils, embossing and texture for a luxe, boutique feel.


Words for days

When we’ve decided on the artwork concept it’s time to write the words that appear on our packaging. This includes our fragrance & product descriptions, instructions, ingredients and the technical nitty gritty. This is then added to our artwork and triple checked again, and again, and again. There’s no room for mistakes.


Samples & photography

Getting the first pre-production samples back from the printer is always an exciting moment for the team.

We have to work months ahead of our release date – and timing is everything. Once samples arrive we plan for photography to showcase our collection before the launch. For our latest photoshoot, we teamed up with Pablo from Pablo Martin photography, to create fresh, eye-catching images. These images are then edited and resized for use on our website, in print catalogues and social media.


Production, promotion & launch

Once our boxes & labels have been printed & delivered to our warehouse, we start manufacturing the products in our Caringbah production facility. While our production team are busy bringing the products to life, our design & marketing team work on our promotional materials, including print catalogues, social media posts & newsletters.

The final step is to launch our collection to our retail partners, so they can get their shelves looking pretty with our sought after products.

Our Gratitude collection is now available to purchase at boutique gift & homewares stores Australia wide. You can find a stockist near you by clicking here.

Available to shop  online & in our Caringbah boutique.

Thank you for your support of our small, Australian family business.

With much Gratitude,

Leanne xxx