DIY Plant Pots: Upcycling Your Glass Candle Vessels

DIY Plant Pots: Upcycling Your Glass Candle Vessels

Are you a candle fanatic? Well, like us, you may find yourself with an abundance of scented soy candles stashed away in you cupboards, drawers, on your bookshelves…..everywhere! Once you’ve burned through a few you may be thinking “what am I meant to do with these candle jars?” Well…there’s actually quite a few ways to upcycle your used candles. Plus, it makes an excellent excuse to burn through your stash! The jars make for nifty plant plants to grow some leafy green succulents. 

Here’s how you can upcycle your used candle jars into a DIY succulent garden.

DIY Plant Pots: Upcycling Your Old Candle Vessels

How to Clean Wax out of Your Candle Jar

1. The Freezer Method

Did you know candle wax becomes brittle when it is frozen? Personally, this is our favourite way to get those candle vessels clean! Place the old candle in your freezer for a few hours and once it has frozen, you can then pry out any remaining wax. Once you’ve done that, run some warm water over a paper towel to then wipe out any leftover debris.

2. The Old Wash & Scrub Method

This is a simple method that works well for most candle vessels. Remove as much of the wax as possible by prying it out. Then fill the vessel with soap and hot water from the tap, let it sit for a minute, then scrub it clean.

Don’t forget to remove the aluminium wick holder once you’re done cleaning! Don’t ever put wax down the drain because it will solidify and clog your pipes. Also, don’t EVER use a microwave to melt wax inside old candle jars. The wick holder inside is metal which will not only ruin your microwave but could also risk causing a fire. BE SAFE and if ever unsure please call or email us before trying to get too experimental.

DIY Plant Pots: Upcycling Your Old Candle Vessels

How to Make a DIY Succulent Garden

All you will need is: a Used Urban Rituelle Candle Jar; some small stones; some loose potting soil and a handful of small succulents.

After cleaning out your candle jar, place the rocks at the bottom of the jar. About an inch will do – this will hold water, keeping your plant roots out of a puddle. Next top up your candle jar with some loose potting soil and plant your succulent. Be sure to place the succulent in a sunny location and allow the potting mix to dry between watering. Too much water is no good for a healthy succulent garden. 

DIY Plant Pots: Upcycling Your Old Candle Vessels

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