Get Your Store Prepped for Mother’s Day! Tips from Our Co-Founder Leanne!

Get Your Store Prepped for Mother’s Day! Tips from Our Co-Founder Leanne!

One of the things I love most about our business is supporting others to succeed.

I recently discovered by doing the CliftonStrengths* poll that one of my natural talents is Developer. 

Developer’s see potential in others, in fact potential is all that they see. The results told me that when I interact with people, my goal is to help them experience success. I was first shocked (& disagreed) with this finding, but have since come to see it could be spot on!

I hadn’t realised it but one of the reasons I started this business with my husband Scott 20 years ago, was that we loved creating beautiful products that other business owners could sell in their stores, contributing to their success.

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Today after 20 years in business, I am fuelled by seeing growth in others and genuinely love sharing knowledge, information & tips with those around me.

That’s what I’m aiming to help with in my NEW bimonthly guest newsletter for our wholesale customers: 'The Feel-Good Journal'! 

My first newsletter was on the importance of creating a brand story in-store to get your customer excited for Mother's Day. 

In this blog I'm sharing some of my tips on how to create a visual story for your store!

In a previous life I was a visual merchandiser at Just Jeans, then later at Red Earth. That combined with 20-years exhibiting at the Reed Gift Fairs, I've got a few tips up my sleeve to share!! 

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Mother’s Day is one of my favourite events on the retail calendar & getting your store prepped for Mother’s Day doesn’t need to be overwhelming, it should be fun, just let your creative juices flow! 

Make a fabulous first impression & tell a beautiful visual story at the front of your store.

If you want people to come to your store for their Mother's Day gifts, be sure to merchandise a Mother's Day display that is front and centre!  

Select products that evoke emotion & encourage your customers to engage with your products

Mother's Day gifts are a heartwarming sentiment. Curate gifts in your display that not only bring a smile to your face, but know will make any Mum smile bright when she opens her gift. Make sure you have testers ready for your customers to try to help them make an easy decision on what to get for Mum. 

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Choose a colour theme and stick to it! 

Embrace colour, it's your best friend when curating a display that is going to pop! It's also a fun way to get your creative juices flowing. Pinks are always a winner for Mother's Day - it evokes feelings of love, charm and sweetness. Don't be afraid to be bold with your colour choices, but once you pick a colour be sure to stick with it! Compliment your hue of choice with harmonious tones (for instance, pinks go well with greens and whites). Have fun with it, it will show when your final pièce de résistance is complete. 

Show how your products work together. 

When people visit your store and look for gifts, they should be able to visualize how their Mum's will use the gift they are buying for her. A candle, some hand cream & perhaps beautiful books that tie into the colour scheme - that creates a feeling of calm and tranquility, and that's something all Mum's will cherish!! 

Have a selection of Mother’s Day cards placed with your gift suggestions

You don't usually gift a present to Mum without a thoughtful card to go alongside it. Be sure to have a selection of Mother's Day cards placed alongside your curated gift suggestions, showing your customers that you have everything they need in one place!

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....and make sure your displays are kept spotlessly clean, (no one is going to buy Mum a gift with dirty packaging). Start your preparations early, so that even if your customers aren’t ready to buy now, they know where to come when they are ready.

Are you prepped for Mother’s Day?

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Mama Collection

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Leanne Xx