Luxe Easter Party Styling Ideas

Luxe Easter Party Styling Ideas

We love any excuse to throw a party, and with Easter just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to share a few décor ideas to create a sumptuously scented and beautifully adorned get-together that creates a feast for the senses – yum!

Creating Scented Ambience

A decadent scent can evoke the most comforting, heart-warming memories. Think of the scent of freshly baked cookies when you reflect on memories of afternoons at your Nanna’s place. Or the smell of the sea breeze from that fabulous family beach holiday. See what we mean? Scents have meaning and can conjure up so many positive feelings.

Choosing the right scent will create a fun, welcoming ambience throughout your space that your guests will remember oh-so-positively and will also serve as a conversation starter when people enter your home! A scented reed diffuser is great for a continuous scent that will leave a lasting impression, and a gourmand themed diffuser fits in perfectly with the Easter holidays.

Sweet Treats Crème Brulee Fragrance Diffuser Set

Try: Crème Brulee Fragrance Diffuser Set – A delightful blend of sun-drenched peach, smooth toffee and powdery musk

Stepping Up Your Dining Table Décor

A scented candle is one of the best kept interior design secrets, and for good reason! The right candle arrangement has a magic way of making a space feel special. It creates artistic lighting, forms the illusion of open space, creates indulging fragrance and does so much to complement your home décor.

A candle burning at the dining table for your party can attune the ambience almost instantly, creating a fun, formal space for your guests.

Lighting candles at the table for your party will also create a luxe and inviting ambience that will encourage people to sit, break bread and engage in lasting conversation. In our hectic lives, spending more time at home having real meals around a table is as healthy for the soul, as much as the body. A gourmand candle arrangement will tie in perfectly with Easter and create a focal feature in your home.

Sweet Treats Honey Blossom Scented Soy Candle

Try: Honey Blossom Scented Soy Candle – A delicious blend of orange blossom, blissfully sweet coconut and a drizzle of golden honey

Easter Egg Hunt, With a Twist

Easter egg hunts are a great traditional party game to enjoy after Easter lunch or dinner. Hidden amongst the chocolate eggs, try adding a few pampering indulgences to mix it up! Cute lip balms and parfum rollers are small luxuries that will last well past Easter, and we’re sure your guests will appreciate the sentiment of thinking above and beyond the ordinary.

Sweet Treats Lip Balms

Try: Sweet Treats Lip Balms in cotton candy, crème brulee & honey blossom

The Best Goodie Bag Fillers

Create a memorable favour to thank your guests for coming to the party. While for guests, a party is mostly about good food, lively ambience and great music, it is possible to take that extra step and surprise them with a small token of gratitude as well. This would not only make your guests feel special but would also serve as a nice way to thank them for attending.

A favour will always remind your guest of the great time they had at your party! To compliment the theme of Easter, base your favours on the holiday. We recommend gourmand, beautiful and something that serves as a sweet indulgence.

Sweet Treats Cotton Candy Organic Body Balm

Try: Cotton Candy Organic Body Balm – A playful blend of ‘oh-so-sweet’ candied sugar, warm vanilla and a drizzle of agave sugar

Just A Sprinkle of Self-Indulgence

After all that party planning, it’s only right to reward yourself with a little something. You totally deserve it! After all the cooking, arranging, entertaining and everything else on top of that.

Sweet Treats Hand Cream

Try: Sweet Treats Hand Creams in cotton candy, crème Brulee & honey blossom

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