The Secrets to Longer Lasting Scent

The Secrets to Longer Lasting Scent

There is nothing more memorable than a beautiful fragrance. By their very nature, perfumes stir precious memories & evoke feelings of warm recognition, which is part of the reason they are so widely cherished. Finding a signature scent that you love and that captures your unique personal style is also one of life's best simple pleasures. Such is the joy of discovering your favourite perfume, you want to be sure it will last when you wear it. Here, we share some tips that will ensure you get the most out of your fragrance & stay beautifully scented all day long!

1) Most perfumes form part of a larger collection that will often include matching soaps, bath & shower gels and body moisturisers. Start your fragrance layering in the shower while cleansing and follow with a moisturising body cream. As well as helping to form a base for your perfume, moisturising is beneficial as fragrance lasts longer on skin that is well hydrated. This occurs because the body's natural oils trap the fragrance notes, making them last longer.

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2) Spritz or roll your perfume on before getting dressed as fragrances last longer when applied directly to skin, rather than over the top of clothes. Always apply your perfume to pulse points such as the wrists, behind your ears & at the base of your throat. The skin is thinner in these areas and scent will radiate with natural body heat. Resist the temptation to crush wrists together or vigorously rub the place you've applied the fragrance to as this can break it down & affect the scent it throws. Instead, lightly spritz or delicately roll your fragrance over the skin and allow it to settle naturally. Always keep a handy travel-sized version of your chosen fragrance in your handbag for on-the-go touch ups throughout the day!

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3) Finally, store all perfume in a clean, dry place . Always avoid direct sunlight, which can damage the formulation, resulting in a weaker perfume that smells very different to the one you originally fell in love with!

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