Urban Rituelle is an environmentally aware company. Taking care over our ingredients, processes and packaging is always fundamental in the development process.

Products are manufactured using packaging that can be recycled, including PET plastic bottles, glass bottles & cardboard box packaging without laminates. Wherever possible we reduce packing waste by not wrapping products in plastic or placing items into plastic bags. We have invested into technology that repurposes cardboard waste, reducing our reliance on packaging required for shipping. We only use environmentally friendly biodegradable void fill, paper & cardboard for shipping & distribution of our goods. Research is currently underway to develop new packaging that uses recycled PET, reducing plastics going to landfill. We print marketing material onto recycled papers whenever this option is available.

Our products contain certified sustainable, natural ingredients that are ethically sourced & harvested, even though these are more costly. Urban Rituelle does not manufacture products with sulphates, parabens, artificial colours, mineral oils or harsh chemicals. Formulations are continually improved & developed, ensuring our products meet strict guidelines in regards to environmental sustainability.

We advocate power saving & recycling in our office and warehouse. We are continuously researching new methods for manufacturing and we are committed to adapting environmentally friendly techniques even though they are often more expensive. In 2020 Urban Rituelle committed to 100% renewable energy, ensuring that our business is now powered by renewable sources such as wind & solar.

We are not perfect however it’s time to question ourselves & our suppliers daily to make changes to the way we do business. It’s about being better, always doing more, questioning old ways, improving our processes & encouraging others to join us. We are embracing our responsibility as a brand & a community to protect the beautiful places on our planet that mean so much to all of us.  

Urban Rituelle products are not tested on animals.

At Urban Rituelle, we are firmly against animal testing. All of our products are proudly 100% cruelty free & are never tested on animals. Our products contain sustainable, natural ingredients that are ethically sourced & harvested. We are currently working towards attaining our CCF (Choose Cruelty Free) certification, which is awarded by the independent Australian organisation responsible for accrediting products not tested on animals.