Our Ingredients

Urban Rituelle products contain certified sustainable, natural ingredients that are ethically sourced & harvested. Urban Rituelle does not manufacture products with sulphates, parabens, artificial colours, mineral oils or harsh chemicals. Formulations are continually improved & developed, ensuring our products meet strict guidelines in regard to environmental sustainability. Naturally, Urban Rituelle firmly believes in NO Animal testing. We always have and always will be 100% Cruelty Free.
“The quality of ingredients is of utmost importance to me, that’s why we always choose the highest quality natural & organic ingredients available on the market. Waxes, oils & extracts are never selected by price point or budget, but instead by performance in the final formulation. By selecting natural, organic, ethically sourced and harvested ingredients, we can ensure that our formulations are not only healthy for you and your home, but that they also deliver beautiful results without compromise.”
Curious about the highly effective extracts we’ve carefully chosen for our collections? Take a look for yourself and learn about the potent benefits of the ingredients in your favourite Urban Rituelle products.