Discover the ancient rituals behind our new fragrance collection

Discover the ancient rituals behind our new fragrance collection

In light of our latest Summer Scents collection launching nationwide, we thought it would be interesting to explore some of the ancient cultural rituals behind the notes featured in the fragrances. We discovered so many positive and significant meanings, and thought we would share with our UR family to add a little sunshine to your day xx

Summer Scents Sea Kiss


The peach blossom is first mentioned in ancient Chinese scriptures from the 10th Century BC. Peach was regarded as the most precious fruit, and the peach blossom was equally treasured amongst the Chinese people as they were believed to protect against bad luck. An ancient ritual was formed based on this belief. The ancient Chinese people who were attempting to ward off bad luck and evil spirits decorated their home and garden in peach blossoms. The blossom was also used to add a delicate fragrance to their homes to add a welcoming presence for good luck and positive happenings. 

This decadent note is included in our Summer Scents Sea Kiss fragrance. 

We love this ancient meaning behind peach blossom and hope a spritz of this fragrance can add a little good luck and positivity to your daily rituals.

Summer Scents Mandarin Blossom


Mandarins originate from China, where ancient texts have regarded the sweet citrus fruit as a symbol of good fortune. The shape and colour symbolise the sun and connects with the yang principle which is known as the positive and generative force of nature. Both the mandarin and the mandarin blossom are therefore regarded as symbols of the New Year and are expected to bring forth positive change in one’s life.

Featured in our Summer Scents Mandarin Blossom fragrance, we love the ancient Chinese meaning behind this decadent fresh citrus.

Summer Scents Tiare Flowers


Known as the “Jewel of Tahiti,” tiare flower is a type of gardenia that grows all over the beautiful tropical haven of Tahiti. Adored by the native Tahitians, it is celebrated as a symbol of affection. It’s often gifted to visitors of the island as a pleasant and fragrant welcome token. It’s also used in many other traditional local rituals. One that we found particularly interesting is that when worn behind your left ear, it signifies that person is happily in love. When worn behind the right ear it symbolises that person is single and ready to mingle!

Tiare is featured in our Summer Scents Tiare Flowers Fragrance. It’s possible to take inspiration from this unique Tahitian ritual and perhaps wear on your next date night to attract some love and positivity.

Summer Scents Coconut & Lotus


According to Buddhism, Lord Buddha is depicted to be seated upon a lotus blossom. Known as a “flower of purity” it is said to bring a smile to the face of anyone who sees and smells the flower. Buddhism teaches that just like a lotus blossom, one should be able to bring happiness to others to create a meaningful and beautiful life. As such, homes were (and still are) frequently graced with arrangements of the beautiful lotus flower as a reminder of this teaching.

Featured in our popular Summer Scents Coconut & Lotus fragrance, the sprinkle of coconut is sure to add a smile to your everyday.

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