Urban Rituelle x Salty Luxe Collab

Urban Rituelle x Salty Luxe Collab

You know that feeling you get when you meet someone who is on the same journey as you? Someone who is so perfectly aligned to your life values?

Well that’s what happened when we had the pleasure of working with Sarah Royall from @saltyluxe

Salty Luxe is Sarah & Chesh, storytellers, conscious travellers, tropical lovers & happiness enthusiasts with a talent for capturing scenes that fill the viewer with inspiration, joy & a calm sense of wellbeing.

We loved the idea of having our story told through the lens of Salty Luxe, as Sarah shares our love of travel, the environment & understands the importance of self-care. Sarah supports our vision that every person can make a difference when it comes to looking after our environment, that’s why everything they share is consciously created.

“We love your brand & creating for you came so seamlessly because Urban Rituelle is so aligned to our life & brand ethos.”
Sarah, Salty Luxe

Urban Rituelle is very much born of nature. It is the inspiration and starting point for all we do. Salty Luxe have captured this perfectly in the video they have created to tell our story.

In the video Salty Luxe shares with us the reasons why our natural products are her go-to, for her daily feel-good rituelles.

“It’s what’s inside that counts which is why I choose to use naturally derived plant based products. When there is a better choice for the environment, I always take it. Urban Rituelle harnesses the natural beauty of Australian botanicals, rich in antioxidants, vitamins & essential oils to celebrate & honour your daily rituals.” Sarah, Salty Luxe

We are very proud to share this video with you, featuring our shared love of our beautiful planet and a desire to bring genuine good into the world, while introducing you to our environmentally conscious collection of natural, plant based products.

The video features cameo appearances by the following most loved Urban Rituelle superstars...

If you would like to see more you can check out the Salty Luxe website at  saltyluxe.com or you can follow them on instagram: @saltyluxe