We Meet with Lyly Greca of Miei Fiori

We Meet with Lyly Greca of Miei Fiori

In the heart of Melbourne is a beautiful flower shop named Miei Fiori. It’s unlike any other flower shop we’ve ever seen or heard of before - in the best way possible!

Miei Fiori are “challenging and disrupting the way business is usually done” with 100% of net profits donated to charity. Creative Director & Co Founder Lyly Greca steps onto the scene as our newest collab partner & we couldn’t be more excited to share with you the drive, passion & motivation that underpins Miei Fiori.

We first met Lyly at the Melbourne Reed Gift Fair as we unveiled our newest collections. A friendship instantly blossomed! Miei Fiori (Italian for My Flowers) align with many of our values here at Urban Rituelle. But what stood out to us the most, in their own words, is their belief in “achieving the impossible.” You can find out more about the Miei Fiori story by clicking here.

Urban Rituelle visit Miei Fiori in Melbourne

Let’s Chat with Lyly

Tell us a little about your business journey so far – we’d love to know about Miei Fiori & how it all began.

Lyly: Rob and I came from hard working immigrants. We both had an incredible corporate career and wanted to use our skills and experience for good. We brainstormed ideas on how we could use business as a force for good and voila Miei Fiori was created - just over 3 years ago as a vehicle to help combat poverty, support people and protect our planet.

You have a very special & unique business model with 100% of your net profit going towards a charity of your choice. What are the proceeds working towards & how can people get involved?

Lyly: We believe the best way to combat poverty is to help our next generation break their poverty cycle, for this 100% of our net profits today goes to sponsor children with the necessities to go to school and the encouragement to stay in school via the Smith Family. By supporting Miei Fiori with their subscription flowers, event flowers, workshops or gifts, they are supporting our community.

Urban Rituelle visit Miei Fiori in Melbourne

What are your styling tips for creating a beautiful display, whether that be in-store or at home?

Lyly: Assuming that you've bought the freshest stock from your local supplier, a great display is one that is balanced, in proportion to its vessel and not too busy, has texture and movement and compliments the aesthetics of its surrounding.

Urban Rituelle visit Miei Fiori in Melbourne

Where will we find you when you’re not working on your business?

Lyly: With Rob and our children either out and about town or playing games at home.

What mantra do you live by to keep you motivated?

Lyly: Life is a playground - live, learn and have fun.

Urban Rituelle visit Miei Fiori in Melbourne

What is your favourite Urban Rituelle product & why?

Lyly: There are so many great products in the range however our personal favourite is your Happiness diffuser (that's everywhere in our home) and if I can sneak in an equal favourite is your Happiness hand cream (I carry that everywhere with me). Besides it smelling incredible and truly makes me happy from the inside out, the scent reminds me of the Sherbert lolly I loved eating as a child.

Urban Rituelle visit Miei Fiori in Melbourne

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