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Fragrance Diffuser Set | 200ml

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An delicate fragrance blend of aquatic marine and sage. 

Embrace the simple ritual of scenting your home with our premium, Australian-made reed diffusers & enjoy your very own fragrant sanctuary for many months to come.

Fragrance diffuses for 4-6 months depending on air conditions. Our reed diffusers are non-flammable.

200 ml / 6.8 fl oz


Carefully remove the cap with a small spoon or other blunt utensil, by levering up, then twisting & pulling. Insert the natural reeds into the decorative bottle and fan them out to display attractively.

Leave the reeds to soak until the diffuser oil has saturated them (preferably overnight) Take the reeds out, flip them over & place back into the bottle to allow the oil to diffuse though the entire length of the reed.

Please note: Allow 1-2 days for the scent to be effectively absorbed by the reeds for optimum performance. The perfume will naturally mellow over time. To adjust & renew the intensity of fragrance diffused, simply flip all or some of the reeds as needed. (For a more subtle fragrance use 5-6 reeds, or 7-8 reeds for greater fragrance intensity.) We recommend flipping the reeds once or twice a week.

Fragrance diffuses for 4-6 months from opening, depending on air conditions & the frequency that the reeds are turned. For greater longevity, keep away from draughts, heat or direct sunlight.

Please note that the rate of evaporation & the colour of the oils in each bottle may vary due to different scents or climate conditions.

Warning: Handle with care. Avoid heat or an open flame. Keep out of reach of children and pets. For external use only. Do not ingest. Keep away from food and drink. Avoid contact with the eyes and skin. Wash hands after contact. If irritation occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.

Contents of bottle may stain surfaces if spilt. Only place bottle on a tested, stain resistant surface. We recommend bottle is placed on a coaster or flat, non porous plate to avoid any staining or damage to furniture or surfaces. Keep away from fabric, furniture, bench tops, varnished & wooden surfaces. Spills should be cleaned up immediately to avoid staining.

Customer Reviews (3)

Amazing ?

Posted by Nate on 24th Dec 2023
Amazing value, will re-stock again.

Marine & Sage Fragrance Diffuser...

Posted by Maie Sheehan on 10th Dec 2023
Marine & Sage Fragrance Diffuser Set

Marine & Sage diffuser

Posted by Pene on 11th Aug 2021
i bought this having never smelt it but figured since l love this brands other smells l couldn't go wrong!!! I was right this is another pleasing fragrance that l have placed at the top of my stairs - every time l walk past l get the scent and l can't say a bad word about it! great product.

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